Make Waves Devotional

READ JOHN 13:34-45 AND ACTS 8:26-40

To me, there is nothing quite as satisfying as list-making. I make them on a daily basis. I live by them, and they are an absolute necessity for ordinary tasks like groceries, paying bills, or responding to emails in my overloaded inbox. Perhaps this seems strange, but somehow it brings a calm equilibrium to my world when I see all the things written down. And what’s more—there is great gratification found in the simple act of placing a check mark by the items I’ve completed.
On those days when I am able to check items off left and right, I’m on top of the world. When I can visualize the capacity that I am capable of, it equips me with confidence and empowers me to conquer even more than I originally planned. Truly, on those rock-star days, nothing can get in my way.

Now, let’s consider for a moment, what would happen if we made a different kind of list.
I encourage you to make a list of the ways that Jesus has shown His love for you. Go ahead. Grab a pen and paper, and begin jotting things down. Here are just a few of mine:
• He has given me an incredible husband and three children.
• He financially provides in the most unexpected ways.
• When our car broke down last week, a neighbor stepped in and let us borrow their extra one until we could fix ours.
• I received a thoughtful and encouraging note in the mail from a friend the other day at a moment when I truly needed it.
While these are just a few on my list, the truth is, Jesus has shown me His love in countless ways. And taking time to visualize even just a portion of His love, and reflect on all that He’s done for me, inspires me to show that same love to others. After all, if Jesus believes that I am deserving of His love, then so is everyone else that He made too.

Before you get started today, stop for a moment and consider the love Jesus has for you. Make that list. Allow it to be your fuel that inspires you to love the kids who you are around all week long. Let it be an overflow from all of the things He has thoughtfully and kindly done for you. Pray and ask Him to help you remember your list, especially in those moments where it’s hardest to show love.